Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unique Behind Human Hair ..!

Hair is the crown on the head of each person and the hair is beautiful and well maintained can become one's attractiveness, especially women. But beneath its beauty, hair turned out to save a few unique secret. What is it?

Human hair is a simple structure made of keratin and dead skin cells. Hair serves to prevent heat loss from the head of a person. But behind its simplicity, hair store something complex. as quoted from AskMen

1. Hair could clean up oil spills on water

When the Cosco Busan oil spill occurred in 2007 in the Bay of San Francisco, the group uses eco-friendly mats made from human hair to clean up the beach. This is not surprising, because the hair can absorb oil and water, and can work as a natural sponge.

2. Amino acid human hair can be used in industrial soy sauce ..?

Find a strand of hair in the food can certainly ruin your appetite. But what if your food seasoning or made of hair?

Internet Journal of Toxicology reported that Hongshuai Soy Sauce, soy sauce company in China, to market products using the latest biotechnology at a cheaper price. It certainly makes products become popular.

But a media investigation found that the company does not use amino acids derived from soy or wheat, but amino acids derived from human hair, collected from the hair salon and barber shop.

3. People with red hair are considered alien

There is a conspiracy theory which states that people with red hair is an alien-human hybrid. It sounds crazy, but people with red hair do have differences in structural biology.

Doctors should make special preparations to undergo labor redhead. This is because the blood of women with red hair is more difficult to freeze, so as to bleed longer.

In addition, people with red hair have the least amount of hair, which is about 90,000 pieces, compared with blonde or brown hair that reached 140,000 pieces.